Its Not All About the Money

I ran across this video today while checking in on one of my favorite sites: Little Homestead in the City.  Its a great statement on living a life of simplicity and living for what is important, not what big money media tells us should be.

From there I looked to see what else Free Range Studios has to offer.  I watched a few of the videos on The Story of Stuff. 

It just reiterates to me how money minded our culture is.  America is a great country and we have many freedoms here that other countries don’t have, but we are slowly poisoning ourselves and our surroundings and we don’t seem to care or feel powerless to do anything. In the meantime, a few giant corporations are getting rich at our expense.  Nobody seems to be willing to admit to the fact that we have a cancer epidemic in this country  BECAUSE OF ALL THE CHEMICALS IN OUR FOOD and we  just ignore, or worse, cover up, the fact that we are exporting that epidemic to other countries with our toxic habits and fast food. 

The Mouth Revolution video  is a little silly, but points out the major things about our food system that are slowly killing  us.   So “watching your diet” and “you are what you eat” takes on a whole new meaning when you realize how many toxins and chemicals we ingest every single day of our lives.  And the most contaminated food of all according to one of the videos is breast milk.  The toxins we ingest seem to concentrate there and a whole generation of babies are being fed on chemicals like never before.  

Which then leads me to say this: People, we have to stand up for the rights of organic farmers in this country.  They are up against so much from big agribusiness.  And now that the feds have relaxed the standards so that big business can get in on the organic market, organic isn’t what it should be and our labels don’t tell us the whole truth.  

Another labeling issue is with GMOs.  We have so much food that is now grown with genetically modified seeds that actually grow built in pesticides that  its really scary.  Good old Monsanto!  When are we going to wake up to the fact that we are killing ourselves for the almighty dollar?!?    We must insist to our national representatives that our food labels indicate when an ingredient or additive is a GMO.  We should be allowed to control the food that goes into our bodies and not have toxins and pesticides added to our food without our knowledge.  We have to stand up for our health and the health of our future generations.   This way of  life is not sustainable for humans or the planet.  

One issue leads to another and another and another.  They are all intertwined.  But it all boils down to AMERICAN GREED!  ITS NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!  Now more than ever we need to

Keep it simple.