Thank You OU!!

Thank you University of Oklahoma.  I mean it.  They stepped up and did the right thing and I am very grateful. 

My son and three other students were scheduled to arrive in northern Japan the 1st of April for a semester’s study at Yamagata University.  At first OU closed that site as a destination, but after further deterioration of the situation there, has closed Japan entirely to exchange students.  Thank you!!!

We were struggling with a decision as to whether to send D. to a southern university there.  He has worked so hard to make it happen this year.  But now the decision is out of our hands and my prayer that things would work out in his best interest has been answered.  Thank you Lord! Thank you OU! 

So, in complete opposition to the “live simply” mantra, since airline tickets AND tuition will be fully refunded, we granted permission for a little retail therapy.  He is now the proud owner of a new 37″ flat screen TV.  Oh, well.  He will have lost an entire semester toward graduation credits, but he is here and not being exposed to radiation.  His future health is not at risk from that particular hazard anyway. 

So we will move on to the next step.  He still has a job since his leave of absence had not gone into effect yet.  He still has a place to live since his lease does not end until May.  And he can go to summer school to make up a couple of the classes he lost. 

Looking across the ocean, let’s pray for the people of Japan.  And lets take a lesson from them.  There has been no looting and one news account said they are continuing to recycle at the refugee centers, in spite of their miserable conditions.  And let’s not forget the families of the 1300 Americans who were in northern Japan when the quake/tsunami struck.  Many are still waiting to hear about their loved ones. 

I’m counting my blessings today.  What are you grateful for?  

Keep it simple ya’ll.

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