Wind Generators Mounted to Existing Utilitiy/Light Poles – Let’s Support This Guy!

I have a friend from the food coop who is in the running for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi.  While online voting for Urban Argrarian this morning, I ran across another guy who deserves our daily votes.  His name is Steven Flores and he lives in Owasso, OK.   He has a patent pending for a wind turbine that fits on existing utility poles or light poles or cell towers, etc.  and generates electricity straight to the grid!  This concept challenges the idea of huge wind farms with their huge towers on land that is becoming more scarce and expensive. 

SO…here is the link to the Pepsi challenge voting site.  He is way down at number 281 right now and needs lots and lots and lots of votes to get into the top 10.  You get 10 votes a day, so vote for him and Urban Argrarian both!

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