The Promise of Spring or Lessons Already Learned For Next Year

My third choice of a title was “How I Always Manage to Make Things Harder Then They Have to Be.” 

So, its a lovely day outside.  A nice quiet, actually NON-WINDY, Sunday afternoon.  I’m itching (not literally) to get my hands into that compost pile and get it worked into the future okra bed.

I’ve got my new and very expensive wheel barrow and my old, but loveable compost sifter ready to go.

Its nothing more than some pieces of old fencing with plastic chicken wire stapled to it.  Its kinda rickety, but works great. 

So now to the part about lessons already learned for next year.  Right off the bat I see my mistake.  In a fit of laziness and desire to just get last year’s dead garden cleaned up, I threw all the stalks and vines and stems from the okra and squash onto the compost pile.  Big mistake!  Now you veteran gardeners are rolling your eyes and laughing at me.  You know better.  Well some of us have to learn the hard way.  Just ask my mother.  Needless to say, the stalks and vines and stems did not decompose over the winter.  So now I have a tangled mass of – well, stalks and vines and stems –  mixed in with all the nice leaves and eggshells and decomposing veges.  My intentions to get out there and “get ‘er done” has instead left me hot and frustrated and taking a break at my computer.  I have completely filled one of our big green dumpster trash cans with – say it with me – stalks and vines and stems. 


But there is good news.  The lettuce and spinach is coming along nicely.  I even cancelled my lettuce order with the food co-op this month because mine is looking so good.  Even the cilantro is growing a little.  Only about 1/3 of it came up, but its very tasty.  So I planted onions in the left over spaces.

I was smart and utilized the lesson learned from LAST year.  I just planted two rows of lettuce, knowing that’s all we’ll eat.  I planted so much and had so much to give away last year that the neighbors and my coworkers turned around when they saw me with anything green in my hands :-).

Oh! And the strawberries are blooming!  Yee haa! 

So, things are looking good.  It will take me longer than planned to work my way to the bottom of the compost pile but the effort will be worth it.  Next year I will strip the leaves from the stalks before tossing into the pile.  More work this year but I will love myself for it next year.  That’s always a good thing. 

We bought the material and got a small start on the patio cover yesterday.  It will be so nice to sit outside and enjoy the backyard from the shade.  If I can talk Moe into it, I may even put some twinkle lights around the beams.  While we’re at it, how about an outdoor fan?  I am married to an electrician, after all :-).

Farmers Market opens next Saturday and the summer Saturday ritual begins again.  I love this time of year. 

Keep it simple.


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