Me Again

Its hard to believe its been a whole month since I posted anything here.  I guess there has been nothing too eventful to share. 

My garden is pretty much done for the season.  I harvested my sweet potatoes on Saturday and was surprised how big some of them were – and then again, how small some were.  I baked some in the microwave with real butter, some turbinado sugar and unsweetened pineapple and even my skeptical husband enjoyed them!  They are stored in a basket in the garage – dark and cool – and it will be interesting to see how they fare once freezing weather sets in.  Then again, they may not last that long :-). 

I’ve really been enjoying my Twitter account, although I have slowed down on posting there, too.  It was really addictive at first.  I’ve recently been following some of the rangers in Yosemite National Park – bear videos, great pictures.  And then there is S**t My Dad Says.  The language is rather vulgar but the image of this crusty old guy telling off his live-in adult son is hilarious.  The son seems to take it all in stride.  Of course, I have found lots of quilt tweeters and that’s always lots of fun.

Speaking of my passion for all things quilty, I have been doing some serious stash organization.  Our guild is holding an auction next week and this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of old books and patterns and lots of fabric scraps.  I sorted out stuff my Mom can use, sorted for the auction and sorted a keeper pile.  Now I have to label and price all my auction stuff – this is as bad as getting ready for a garage sale!  Then I can sort and store the keeper stuff by color.  Tonight I will pre-wash a lot of fat quarters in preparation for making my first Quilt of Valor.  My goal is to document it here.  I’m really excited about this venture.  Its a good way for me to indulge my need to cut big pieces of fabric into little pieces and then sew it all back together and at the same time hopefully provide a little comfort and appreciation to a wounded soldier. 

We got some bad news at work yesterday.  The state is consistently cutting our monthly budget and by the time it is all said and done our agency will have suffered a 1.8 million dollar cut just this fiscal year.  We are a small agency and this is a huge hit.  So, three jobs will be sacrificed and those of us a little further up the food chain that will survive this first round of cuts will have to take days without pay.  Actually, this is the second round of cuts.  Two jobs were cut back in August.  Oklahoma is about a year behind the rest of the nation economically which can be both good and bad.  We haven’t suffered the loss of jobs and the bad housing market of the last year that other places have but I think it is catching up with us.  We are just beginning to feel it and we were told the next 1-2 years could be bad as far as job loss in our agency.  There is a good chance I will lose my assistant and will end up doing her job as well as mine.  Of course, I am already doing the work of one of the curators who refuses to do the part of his job he dislikes, but don’t get me started on that!!! 

We also got some sad news from an old friend of my husband’s single days.  He lost his 22 year old son in some kind of accident.  It wasn’t a car crash but has only been termed an “accidental death” at this point by the police.  They are still gathering information and from his emails they are getting some “surprising information about how he died.”  He was a college student and lived in another town away from his family.  So sad – so young.   My husband and 3 others who were all friends back then are taking off tomorrow on an 8 hour drive and then back on Friday after the funeral.  Would appreciate prayers for a safe trip and healing for the family that lost their son.

Go hug your kids.


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