Getting Old Sucks

I just found out my cholesterol is high.  I’m about (bleep) pounds overweight and I haven’t been exercising.  Guess its time to finally break down and start taking care of myself.  No more late night trips to Braums.  No more okra deep fried in oil.  No more fried chicken.  Its not like we eat a lot of fried chicken.  But this time of year we do LOVE our fried okra.  I occasionally indulge in breakfast from McDonalds – no more.  Too high in calories and fat.  Fast food in general is out.  I went to Fast Food Facts and was appalled at how many calories are in a sausage McMuffin with egg.  And the fat content – wow.  Even my “healthy” Arby’s Market Fresh Chicken Salad sandwich is packed with bad stuff.  Sigh….

So, on with the new plan.  Exercise of some kind EVERY DAY.  And counting calories until I get a handle on what is low cal and what is not.  I know myself well enough to know that I can count food things and stay on a strict regimen only so long.  At some point, the looking things up in books and keeping charts gets old and I start sliding.  I hope increasing my exercise level from 2 days a week – sometimes – to 5 to 6 days a week will make a big difference.  My doc says 40 minutes 7 days a week to lose weight.  Totally unrealistic right now.  I will have to work my way up to the 40 minutes and 7 days a week is only do-able sometimes.  

So, I have 3 months to lower my cholesterol or the doc is going to suggest meds.  I don’t want to start taking meds for the sort of thing that can be controlled other ways.  I’m not willing to give up my liver at this point.   My future quality of life depends on taking care of myself now.  I don’t want to end up like my father who is pretty much chair bound because of his diabetes. 

Life just sucks sometimes.  But let’s look at it this way.  When I got the call yesterday, it could have been so much worse than just high cholesterol.  We just lost a co-worker to cancer.  I think I’ll count my blessings this time around and try to get my head on straight about all this.  I will pout for a while (like I said, I know myself pretty well) but what are my choices?  Eat like there is no tomorrow today and there will be no tomorrow a few years from now or nip this thing in the bud while I have the chance. 



6 thoughts on “Getting Old Sucks

  1. I sure do relate to you and your need to exercise. I stopped and now i am having trouble getting started again. I know it is the best way to lose weight or maintain my weight along with healthy eating. I don’t mind that as I love the taste of good food however i have to walk or do some form of exercise and yet the willingness is not there. I guess I better start praying for the willingness.
    thanks for your thoughts ..

    • I’ll be praying for you. Its hard getting started, but remember that self control is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Unfortunately, for me it takes something like the doctor getting stern with me and then getting bad results on blood tests. Hopefully, it won’t take that for you. Just start small and work your way up. I really enjoy the walk at home videos by Leslie whats her name – starts with an S. It gets your heart rate up and isn’t as hard on your body. Just keep plugging and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, you can’t do anything about yesterday but today is fully in your control – as far as what goes in your mouth, anyway 🙂 and whether or not you make time for exercise.

  2. Ahh I so understand what you are talking about! I am not one blessed with the ability to “enjoy” exercise (whats with those people anyway! 🙂 )
    I found out at 30 that my bad cholesterol was high, my good cholesterol was low, my triglycerides were so high that it put me in the high risk category and then my doc told me that because my father has cholesterol issues and he has high triglycerides I am most likely stuck with an uphill battle and won’t succeed because of the genetic factors. Great pep talk! Followed by – lose weight. Duh.
    Well, I came down with food issues and I can say now that your cholesterol can be changed simply by changing what you eat. Now I was forced to but, oh how the Lord used it!
    in 6 months ALL cholesterol levels went into the normal range and I dropped 140 points off my triglycerides.
    How? No “diet” foods, no low fat/no fat/low cal junk. I eat full out butter. Full sour cream, whole milk, as much salt and sugar as I want. I do not eat wheat or ANY preservatives, food additives/chemicals and I can honestly say that while I’ve put an effort into exercise these last few months it’s not been consistent.

    So it can be done. Eat lots of veggies and fruit, watch your portions and eat the things that God meant to be in our bodies……you will feel better and make the doc scratch his head in confusion. 🙂

    • Your spiritual gift? Encouragement!!! Thanks for the information. I am slowly but surely beginning some new ways of eating this week. I found and it has been a great help in logging my weight, food and activity. I am a little stumped, though, that I have cut my daily calorie intake to 1400 and been exercising 20-30 minutes EVERY day and how much weight have I lost this first week? .8 pounds. yes, that only 8/10 of a pound. And actually, I lost and regained and lost it again during the past 7 days. Whats up with that? Is my body just in shock from all the extra activity and holding on to the fat? I’ve gone on diets before that included NO exercise and lot 2 or 3 pounds the first week. Sigh…..

      • I have used myself and it’s an amazing resource. There isn’t something wrong because it’s coming off slowly, it’s different for everyone. BUT keep going and pressing on….it is very possible that your body is just going “what the heck are you doing and what am I supposed to do with this!” Also as you build muscle and lose fat those numbers will counteract each other as muscle weighs more than fat. Take advantage of the articles and resources there. Also one tactic that seems to help boost the loss is to zigzag your calorie intake. Do your 1400 one day and the next drop down to 1300, then go up to 1450, you can go as low as 1200 but not lower. A woman requires at least 1200 calories per day.
        Also a good thing to keep an eye on is where are the calories coming from. If you are gaining your calories from things like carrots, salads and fruit type things that are mostly water based and usually burn more calories (by chewing them) than they contain you will see a difference as opposed to if you are eating 100 calorie packs and counting how many chips you can sneak into 100 calories. 🙂 It’s also about the quality of the calorie you are eating too. Keep track of the nutritional “grade” you are getting on the days too, that helps.

        You have a race to run and you can win it if you keep your eye on the prize. Do not be distracted! 🙂 Keep on keeping on!

      • I got up today1.2 pounds lighter! Hooray! I was tempted to blow it and go to Braum’s last night (or lets say, my husband tempted me:-)), but I resisted and he had a sugar free fudgsicle instead and we went for brisk walk. Of course, that entailed much foot rubbing upon our return and massaging of shins – my body does not like this! But the reward on the scale this morning was worth it! Thanks for the tips on Calorie Count. I have noticed their grading system and am doing better. Also the tip on zigzagging my calorie intake. I think I probably do that just naturally. Some days a little more and other days a little less. I had done well yesterday for breakfast and dinner so didn’t bother to try to calculate the calories for the tuna casserole for dinner that my husband fixed before I got home. (A miracle in itself!) I’m sure I was a little over the 1402 goal, but if I get too anal about this I will get frustrated and quit. So, again, thanks for the encouragement!

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