Lagging Behind

Wow, its been two weeks since I posted anything. 

We finally got the kitchen all put back together this weekend.  The cabinet doors are back up and everything is back in the drawers.  It was really a pain with everything in laundry baskets in other rooms!  Having to track down a clean towel or some tool.  Things were starting to pile up on the counter tops because I didn’t want to trek back to the baskets! 

I really need to do better about getting back to the original purpose of this blog which is to share my passion for local foodways and living a life of purposeful simplicity.    I also vowed to start taking more pictures in order to share what is going on here but have fallen short there, too.   So, in the spirit of renewed purpose, here is my new license plate. 

7-20-09 001

Congrats to the organizers of this year’s Local Food Fair!  It was a great event despite the heat. 

7-20-09 002

The garden is waning.  I pulled up the last of the cucumber vines after a farmers market vendor told me that when the cukes don’t fully ripen on the vine, continue to grow but stay yellow on the ends, the vines are old and done for.  So out they went and in went more okra seeds.  My okra is growing well, putting on lots of new leaves but no blooms yet.  I should have planted sooner according to another vendor so next year I will!  Trial and error seems to be the theme this year.  I’m learning a lot about what not to do!  Still have some squash but it is just about done, too.  I am getting a few pea pods and will plant a lot more of them next year.    The sweet potato vines are going crazy and I’m anxious to see what’s going on under the surface.  Think I might have to do a little exploratory digging to see if I’m actually growing anything but vine. 

I’m on Twitter now, as are lots of the local food folks around here, so I hope to be better about following that crowd and learn whatever they have to teach about eating local!

Keep it simple.


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