Wisdom Teeth

Its’ been a tiring day – well, 2 days. 

My 20 year old son was scheduled yesterday – or so we thought – to have TWO wisdom removed.  We showed up at the appointed place at the appointed time.  Low and behold, this was only the “consultation.”  Communication is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  The person who made the appointment failed to pass along that little tidbit of information. 

So, after watching a video about all the things to expect – in other words, all the things that can go wrong  in oral surgery, the surgeon proceeds to come in and railroad us into getting all FOUR teeth removed because there is not enough room in his mouth; as he gets older the roots will continue to grow and there is potential for decay; why go through this twice – yada, yada, yada.  Then he says they will set up the appointment for the extraction.  Wait a minute!  You mean we’re not here to do it TODAY?!?   No!  This is just the consultation, but we can do it tomorrow.  Oh, and by the way, they will not do just local anesthetic.  No, this calls for putting him completely out.

Okay, we’re all adults here.  He had to ask off 3 weeks in advance to get here today, but fortunately he is taking off work for 3 days, so it’s do-able. 

Now, my fear level has drastically increased after watching the video.  All manner of images have started to play themselves out in my mind.  They put him to sleep and can’t wake him up!  He makes it through the procedure but a staph infection sets in and he dies! (like the music minister from our church back in the 80’s).   So, I’m in this mode all day and night.   Thanks!  Then comes the whole insurance approval thing.  I catch the dentist’s office in a “mistake” that would have cost me $400.  Thank goodness for a helpful customer service person in the insurance office who went out of her way to correct the errant billing person.

So, this morning finally arrives and the hours drag.  We’re not to be there until 12:15 and the poor kid can’t eat or drink anything.  So, being the good mother I am, I sneak a bowl of cereal while he’s in the shower.   (I know, this is all sounding pathetic at this point, but it’s my blog and I’ll whine  if I want to – or vent or whatever this is)

So, we pray before we get in the car and head to our doom.  I took a book to read and am partially successful in distracting myself from what is going on behind closed doors.  30 to 45 minutes with about 15 minutes in recovery.  Okay, I can do this.  I’m thinking to myself: “He is probably under anesthesia by now.  They are in the middle of it about now……” And then, only 25 minutes later: “Douglas’ Mom?  You can come back now. Everything went fine.”

The Hallelujah Chorus!  There is my boy, awake!  Alive!  Sitting up and holding an ice pack on his face!  So, we take our home care instructions and he’s trying not to gag on all the gauze in his mouth. 

Hours later, here we are.  I think the bleeding has finally stopped.  He quit the gauze thing after 5 hours. Even though the bleeding hadn’t stopped completely the gauze was making him miserable.  So, I think we just decided not to worry about it.  The nurse told me it would bleed for “a couple of hours.”   Wrong!  You tell me a couple of hours and 2 hours later he’s still bleeding.  You say 2 hours, I want it to stop in 2 hours!  Irrational on my part, but just part of my stress. 

Two Lortabs.  He prescribed 30 and some antibiotics.  I can’t imagine that my son will need 30, so I only buy 10.  The throbbing set in after the numbness wore off, but he’s feeling better now.

Mac and cheese (an approved food from the list – there is a God!) is cooling on the kitchen counter.  I haven’t had mac and cheese in forever.   I’m getting goofy.  I think we are both mentally exhausted.  Its only 7:30 and I feel like I could sleep for days, but the Coke and candy I treated myself with while waiting for the prescriptions at Walgreen’s is kicking in.  

UPDATE:  He’s feeling better.  He took the whole dish of mac and cheese and a spoon and headed for the TV.  Guess I won’t get any after all.   My waistline doesn’t need it anyway.  “No!  You cannot get in the car and go buy a video!  You have 2 Lortab in your system and you’re supposed to take it easy for the whole weekend!”  A mother’s work is never done.  🙂

Keep it simple.


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