Garden Looking Good

I forgot the before picture, but here is the after. 

6-10-2009 004

Just use your imagination and picture plain dirt adorned with lots of weeds and grass that were getting to be a real hassle.  So, I mulched the strawberry beds with compost and hopefully that will be not only the end of my grass worries but also some  nice nourishment for the bed.  They are starting to put out new runners and the berries are very flavorful and sweet.

Gherkin blooms

Gherkin blooms

The cucumbers are blooming and this morning I noticed the first one almost big enough to harvest.  I will explore the web for some refrigerator pickle recipes.   The dill is also looking gorgeous – some are starting to get heads.
A little blurry but you get the idea

A little blurry but you get the idea

So, tonight if its not too humid, I should be able to sit outside and enjoy the beauty growing around me.  The new grass is filling in most of the bare spots and filling in around the flagstone patio nicely.  Its actually coming together.
Last night I planted some morning glories from a friend’s garden to climb on my trellis and some zinnias in pots.  Still need to get a nice geranium and some impatience or maybe some begonias.  I’ve put so much energy into the vegetable garden this year that the ornamentals have gone unattended.   The local flower stand has everything 30% off right now so maybe running late with the whole process will turn out to be to my advantage :-). 
Keep it simple.

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