Thursday Ramblings….

Things have been crazy lately.  Moved the kid from one house to another down in Norman on Monday; husband out of town for aunt’s funeral and the house was a little too quiet with no one else to talk to but the animals


I harvested the rest of the green onions to make room for cantalope planting; menu for tonight’s dinner: pork loin cooking in the crockpot as we speak, sauted green onions and green pepper with potatoes steamed in just a little butter, and maybe some of the swiss chard that just won’t go away.

Spent the ENTIRE day on Saturday in Stillwater with a friend for a quilting day.  Here are the results:

portobello market

The Stillwater Multi-Arts Center is a great community resource.  Edmond really needs something like it.  It has a huge pottery studio, weaving looms, a painting studio, and a really nice long-arm quilting machine.  For the mere cost of a 2-hour class I can sign up to use the machine anytime I want FOR FREE!   Its an hour drive from home, but to be able to load up several quilt tops and get them all done in one day would be wonderful. 

Let’s see, what else… trying to quit caffeine.  I am extremely sensitive of the effects of it.  And what’s weird is that now that I’m on the other side of menopause  – TMI for some of you 🙂 – the effects are different than when all the hormones were intact.   I’ve discovered that it is a hinderance to weight loss and I have become more easily agitated.  I used to never drink it because of the negative effects, but as those waned, I failed to see others taking their place.   So, I have been drinking iced tea every day which some of you might say is not big deal, but even relatively mild amounts of caffeine on a daily basis is bad news for me.  So, I am on day 2.  Yesterday I noticed fuzzy thinking and depression and mood swings which are symptoms of withdrawal – just after one day!!!  See what I mean about  being ultra sensitive?!?

Part of my depression issues yesterday, I think,  was the fact that the farmers market in my community has let another dog treat vendor in.  The young woman who bought my business (and is a coworker) was just getting the hang of it all and the summer business was beginning to kick in when this other guy shows up with his liver flavored powder and shortening ingredients.  I  feel guilty, like I cheated her or mislead her somehow, but since I did not know this was going to happen, I know I really shouldn’t.    blah blah blah   I even emailed the manager of the market and inquired as to why and really should have just stayed out of it, I guess.   I knew that selling the business to someone I know would have its issues and I guess this is one of them.    

So, let’s change the subject before I get all bent out of shape again.  

I read an interesting newsletter today from the Post Carbon Institute.  Here’s the link: – things are looking up.

10:15 – no work for the State yet.  Must begin.

Keep it simple.

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