Time to Make a List

I’ve found a new blog that I enjoy: Two Frog Home.  The link is on my blogroll to the right.  Its written by a woman I have much in common with.  She works a full time job but wants to be home.  She has a garden but also is involved in other stuff some of which she hopes to turn into sources of income.  She does crafts.  She has a family. 

Lately she has been posting her list of goals and re-prioritizing some things in her life.  So I thought I would use this space to list some short and long term goals of my own.   Spring cleaning of the brain, so to speak.

1)  Decide on the right color and get the porch and front doors painted!  I am SO bad at choosing paint colors.  I guess I don’t know how to use paint chips or somebody at the paint store is ALWAYS mixing it wrong :-).   Gee – wonder which it might be :-)? I need to just go to the trouble of actually taking down the door, sanding off the 2 color mistakes and use a primer this time.  Maybe the THIRD color choice will go on better and work this time. 

2)  Get in the daily habit of checking the garden, watering, pulling grass, harvesting.   I am such a newbie at this that I actually forget to go out there sometimes and then things get all wilty.

3) Paint the kitchen cabinets.  Our kitchen has been a work in progress since I sold the dog treat business in November.  First we got new countertops.  Then we had to repair the backsplash where the old formica came down and finally got a new backsplash tiled a few weeks ago.  My husband did an awesome job!  I got the walls painted last Friday (only had to test TWO colors on this one) 🙂 and now it is time to paint the cabinets which means taking down the doors, taking off the hinges – which hopefully I can reuse – sanding, priming and painting.  I have tested 3 colors and have finally decided on one.  Like my good friend Rebecca says, “Just paint it and walk away.”

4) Get back into a good Bible study.   Its so easy to drift away from the Lord when I’m not disciplining myself in this way.   If I can’t find a good group to join, I will attempt yet once again to get started on the Beth Moore online study I signed up for over a year ago.  I just need the accountability and consistent scheduling of a regular group.

5) Stay a part of the new Buy Fresh Buy Local group.  I will probably have to drop off the Transition Town OKC steering committee because I feel more confident that the BFBL project will have good results.  While the TTOKC project is a good idea, I just don’t know if it will work in a city this large.  It was designed for small British villages/town and has worked in that setting.   I just feel really good about working with farmers and relocalizing our food system, so will put  my energies there.  

6) Keep up with the laundry.  The bane of my existence.  And the ironing – aaahhhggg!

7) Exericse more.  I rejoined the YMCA so that I could go on my lunch hour.  My goal is 3 times a week at lunch and supplementing that with evening exercise at home.    Okay, I hear you laughing! If you could have seen me in Pilates class yesterday.  It was embarrassing.  Why is it that only fit people go to the Y?  Don’t they know its for fat out of shape people like me?   The Pilates instructor was having us do some balancing, standing on one leg while holding the other up in the air and moving it around and doing things with hand weights.   It was really comical but at the time was also humiliating.  I ended up just resting my big toe on the ground and doing the hand weight stuff because I couldn’t stand on one leg!   I will be working on that at home, too! 

8)   Take more photos to post on this blog. I know as a regular reader of others’ blogs, its a lot more fun when there are photos that let you see a glimpse of their lives. 

9) Make a real attempt to be less judgemental.  Being judgemental is an automatic response for me, for some reason.  I really need to work on that – maybe No. 4 will help with that.

I know there is a more to add to this list, but at some point I have to actually get some work done for my employer. 

Keep it simple.


3 thoughts on “Time to Make a List

  1. #1 Oh, my gosh, my husband and I are the worst at picking paint colors as well. You are so far ahead of us, getting a good color on try #3 for your kitchen walls!! 🙂 Definitely put up pictures of your doors and porch when you get them done.

    #4 I hope you find a group that is good for you. I’ve attended a Torah (Hebrew Bible) study every Sunday for over three years now, and it is really a great part of my life.

    #7 They don’t go to the Y because they’re fit, they’re fit because they go to the Y. Keep going, and you will be too! Don’t worry, none of them were any better when they started out, I promise. Your balance will get better on its own the stronger you get. You can do it!!

    Go easy on yourself. I counted at least three new habits that you are trying to form at one time. Have you ever tried FlyLady? http://www.flylady.net/ One thing she suggests for creating routines is putting post-it notes around the house where you will see them, that remind you of things. Like one that says, “Check the garden”, in a place that you look at often from day to day.

  2. I guess you’re right. I never realized I was trying to do so much. Just trying to keep up with things and get some projects finished. Three new habits, huh? Makes me tired just to think about it. Thanks!

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