La Vida Local!


Only 6 left!

Only 6 left!

I love the farmers market – love it, love it, love it.

There is an old market in a new location which is now on my way home from work.  Every Thursday from 3:00 to 7:00 twenty vendors sell everything from bread to bright pink and blue crocheted Eyores.  Yes, Eyores – you know,from Winnie the Pooh – a really big Eyore, crocheted, bright pink and blue.   Oh, well, guess you had to be there :-).

Anyway, I love knowing that by spending my food dollars – even just the $20 I spent – that I am helping a local farmer, baker, plant grower and salsa maker make a living.  I would rather buy my bread from Harvestyme Bakery than Walmart; I would rather buy to-die-for shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate and pecans from Earth Elements Bakery than Walmart (probably couldn’t get anything close to it at WM anyway); I would rather buy my salsa from Cocina San Pasqual than you know who and the lady I bought my orange mint plant from has no competition in my book.  I didn’t buy much, but each of those vendors will go home one more time with hopefully enough money to pay a few bills and keep going for another week.  That’s all we all do anyway, isn’t it?  I know my family lives paycheck to paycheck and its not from something we love doing. 

So, here’s to all you farmers, plant growers, salsa makers and bakers who make wonderful food we can’t get at the big box store.  You keep our food systems diverse.  You grow and make things without chemicals and don’t ship them thousands of miles to get them into my hands.  I love the idea of a local economy, where people actually get to know each other across a table of freshly picked swiss chard and green onions.  See you next week!

Keep it simple.


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