One of THOSE Days

Well, what can I say.  The Enemy is at work.

After having such an uplifting day yesterday, today was just awful.  I actually shouted in anger at a coworker.  Now, I have a tendency to get mad about things, but normally don’t actually LOSE IT like it did today.  I feel bad but am still a little miffed.

I work in a museum.  I am responsible for keeping donation records straight and lending a hand to the curators with their cataloging backlog when it gets big.  With that said, here’s what happened today.  There was a donation that came in back in 2005.  Now, that’s a long time for something to be sitting around uncataloged.  I asked the curator to help  me catalog these very heavy tapestries last week, but was asked to delay it until yesterday.  Well, she had not returned from vacation yesterday, so I took it upon myself with the help of another curator to get the things cataloged, rolled, wrapped in muslin (take special note) and put in a temporary location until she returned to select a permanent location.  I asked the other curator to tell her I would be happy to help her move them when she was ready.

So this morning she returns and asks to put off the project again.  I told her I took care of it yesterday and that we left them in a spot that was not permanent and I would be happy to help her move them.  Okay, no problem.  But about 15 minutes later she storms into MY ASSISTANT’S office (the local hanging out spot – don’t get me started on that) and rants and raves that I used the WRONG MUSLIN!  Now, you would have to know this person.  Everything turns into a crisis and she can be quite the martyr.  I know this sounds bad for me to say, but this type of behavior is not unusual for her is all I’m trying to get across.  I hear my assistant say, “uhoh, the angry face” and I go in to see what is going on.  She immediately gives me the cold shoulder and stops talking, so I know I did something wrong.  She won’t answer when I ask what is wrong so I just return to my office and upon questioning my assistant later discover that she is angry over the muslin.  Did she come to me and tell me I used the wrong material and ask that I switch it?  No.  She goes to my assistant and another coworker and spews her anger.  I couldn’t find her to talk to her about it so left a note on her computer that I was sorry for the mistake and would be happy to rewrap the tapestries in the correct muslin.  No response.  She later comes to my office and slams some paperwork on my desk and when I apologized for the mistake and offered to correct it, all verbal hell broke loose from both of us.  I was mad because she went behind my back instead of coming to me and basically told her I didn’t need the martyr act and that everything was not a freaking crisis.  She stormed out and we haven’t spoken since.  I could go on and on with she said this and I said that, but the fact of the matter is I am still a little bent that she blew everything so out of proportion.  I probably should have waited until she returned, but I was dressed for the dirty work and was in high gear to get it done.  I also know that this project has been put off for four years now and didn’t want to hear an excuse to put it off longer.  Since I outrank her I did not need her permission to proceed.  I offered to correct my mistake but all she could  think about was that I did it without her supervision, basically. I knew I was risking her wrath by doing so, but I did it anyway.   I just get tired of walking on eggshells around her and today was the perfect example of why. 

So, now that I’ve vented and made myself mad all over again I guess I should just sign off.  I hate it when I lose my self control.  Not exactly portraying the gifts of the Spirit today!


2 thoughts on “One of THOSE Days

  1. Good morning Sherry,

    It sounds like your co-worker is very threatened by your actions, That is HER problem Sherry. You made your amends or tried to. If she choose’s to make a mountain our of a molehill, Let her! Today is a new adventure ! Let go and Let God.

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