Lettuce Lettuce Everywhere and Way Too Much to Eat

Oh, my gosh.  I have never seen so much lettuce in my ENTIRE life!  I have been harvesting lettuce and eating or giving it away for a couple of weeks now.  But with much warmer temperatures on the horizon I knew it wouldn’t be long before it would be bolting and inedible.  So, last night, about 7:00, after driving 3 hours from my parents’ house in Texas, I put on the big floppy hat and starting cutting lettuce.  Before long I had 8 huge bowls full.

Picture this times 8

Picture this times 8

So I start washing…and washing…and washing…and washing.  DH and the Son From College come in after a round of golf and we go out for Mexican food.  Back to the sink about 9:00.  Back to washing….and washing….and washing.  No end in site.  My goal is to wash it ALL and bag it to bring to work for my co-workers.  After filling 10 of the gallon freezer bags I still have 3 big bowls left and realize that the 10 bags will not fit in my fridge much less another 7 or eight.  So, I stopped there, CRAMMED the 10 bags in the fridge and went to bed about 10:30. 

Fade to morning.  The alarm goes off an hour later than usual because the DH set it for early church and forgot to change it back.  So, with only 40 minutes before I actually have to be out the door, the dog got leftover pork – not the best choice – I got nothing and the rest of the lettuce sits wilting on the countertop to be addressed tonight.  I was only 10 minutes late to work, believe it or not.  Hopefully, a sink full of ice water will bring the lettuce back to life.  Still need to decide what to do with it.  Perhaps the local mission will take it or the local food bank.   My co-workers were really excited this morning and started putting their names on the bags before I could get them all in the office fridge.  That’s a good feeling. 

I also harvested the first of the broccoli. 

lettuce 002

Its much darker green than what I buy at the store and smells and tastes MUCH stronger.  Actually, it smells kinda weird.  Maybe I left it on the plant too long, but Friday it wasn’t ready to harvest and it matured very quickly over the weekend while I was gone.  If it tastes too weird I guess I will throw it on the compost pile and  harvest the next round before it gets this dark.  This is definitely trial and error :-). 

Keep it simple.


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