Garden Update

Just a quick post.  The broccoli is finally actually making broccoli!!!  I was beginning to think otherwise.  The green caterpillars have only returned in very small numbers, easy to control.  The lettuce is out of control and I am slowly harvesting and giving most of it away.  My intention was that if I grew it we would eat a lot more salads.  I do make salad more often but not enough to warrant growing it again next year.  I will harvest the rest before the heat hits and it all bolts and is inedible.   My neighbors have all gotten some, my in-laws as well, so that leaves my coworkers.  That should take care of just about the rest of it.  I only planted a 4 x 5 spot and it really produced a ton!  I will use this bed to plant my okra.  I will turn under the lettuce roots and let is sit for a few days.  Can’t wait for the first fried okra of the summer!

The green onions are coming along.  I pulled a few for the family meal yesterday and they are still a little small.  The tomato plants are growing well – still too early for tomatoes, I guess.  We desperately need some sun!  The purple hull peas and squash seeds are in the ground.  The gherkins are starting to come up, although there is a large patch that is still bare.  Don’t know if I planted them too deep and they are taking longer to hit the surface or maybe had some bad seeds.  The dill is about an inch tall.  The strawberries are going through a growing spurt and not bearing right now, but see some new blooms.  The fruit has been very small, but sweet and tasty.  Maybe they will be bigger next year. 

The only good thing about the soil being so saturated is that it was really easy to weed the front flower bed on Saturday.  All the dandelions are gone, the bermuda out and a nice new layer of mulch really spruced it up.  Now I just need to buy geraniums, begonias and impatience.  Its been several years since I’ve tried impatience.  I grew them for too many years in the same bed and it depleted the soil.  The begonias get really big and fill in nicely.  My Russian sage plant is pretty this year since I cut it back last winter.  Its in a shady spot so doesn’t bloom a whole lot, but smells wonderful. 

Hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.  Of course, all the hard work lies ahead once I have tomatoes and squash everywhere, but it sounds like a good problem! 

I made a trip to the farmer’s market on Saturday and bought some strawberries.  Very expensive, but good.  I paid $5 for a quart grown in the state, although not close by.  I then made the weekly trip to Walmart and of course, the trucked in strawberries are $1.50 for the same amount.  The market strawberries haven’t fared well.  They were almost too ripe to eat this morning, some developing soft mushy spots.  I know the “foreign fruit” at the big box store is probably picked green and uses a ton of oil to get here; and I know that by buying at the farmers market I am supporting local agriculture, but for $5 I wish they had lasted a little longer than a day and a half.     Oh, well, I should have some more of my own soon.    I did get a great fresh baked pretzel from a new artisan baker that was wonderful!  Free range eggs rounded out my purchases.  It was good to see old friends from my days as a dog treat vendor and great to be able to shop and go home!  Yea!!!

Hope you’re enjoying growing your own food and knowing that if times get really bad, we can feed ourselves.  

Keep it simple.

One thought on “Garden Update

  1. I was a bit late getting my garden and I did it from seeds straight in the ground due to no place to start seedlings. The rain has been nice as I haven’t had to water but we could sure use it a bit more spread out lol.

    Glad to hear your garden is doing well and yes this rain is hopefully for pulling out weeds!

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