Transition Websites – Take a Look Please!

I have spent some time today listening to videos from Peak Moments TV.  I say listening rather than watching, because I have also been scanning endless amounts of artifact slides at the same time.  I simply cannot just sit and listen to the scanner whining and screeching through each slide, so I disobey state mandate for employees and tune into things on the internet.  I know, shame on me. 

The new book group I recently joined will be discussing The Transition Handbook this month and I am educating myself a little on the subject while I am waiting for my copy to come via Amazon.  I know, I should have bought it from a local bookseller, but could not find a copy anywhere in the city.  So, for the full price of the book – which would have to be ordered anyway – on Amazon I got my book plus another on emergency preparedness for the same price with free shipping. 

So, anyway, I ran across a video of Richard Heinberg on Peak Moments TV and from there went to his website.  He is with Post Carbon Institute.  I signed up for his newsletter and read the latest installment.  (Still scanning, still scanning……).  From there I clicked on the link to Transition United States.  Haven’t delved too deeply into it, but am impressed enough with just the home page to add their link and Heinberg’s to my website log on the menu to the right.  Please take a look. 

I am just about finished with Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and will review it soon.  I hope to finish it this weekend in the car on the way to Texas to visit the family. 

Okay, back to scanning.

Keep it simple.

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