Natural Home Cleaning Link and Other Ramblings

Found a great new website and just quickly wanted to share the link.  This particular link will take you directly to the author’s page on natural house cleaning tips.  Lots of information there I didn’t know about.

In the new garden bed, the lettuce is just beginning to peak its little green shoots above the soil and the swiss chard is sending up little red/green spikes.  The strawberries survived the frost last week.  The plan is to get another bed planted this weekend but we have slight chances of rain.  We need the rain but I also need to get my broccoli in the ground!  The plants are starting to loose the bottom leaves, turning yellow, and they desperately need to get into the soil!  My tomato seedlings aren’t looking any too healthy, either.  They are getting really leggy and limp.  They are still putting on new leaves, but are laying down in the seed tray.  I’m new at this.  Help!  How big do they need to get before I can plant them?  I think it is still a little too early to put them out, but I don’t know if they are going to survive at this rate.  I don’t have them under grow lights so maybe they are having to work too hard for light.  I don’t know.  Would appreciate any advice.

Tomorrow and Saturday is the OSN Annual Conference.  I am really looking forward to getting out of the office – which has been a really negative environment lately – and getting around people who are into sustainability and simplicity.  Something positive for a change!   I can really use the encouragement and all the new knowledge I’m sure I’ll walk away with.  There will be a delegation from Greensburg, Kansas there and lots of great topics on individual and community sustainability. 

Another thing I’m looking forward to is the next gardening club meeting.  The topic of discussion this month will be local food and how to make the community more aware of what it is, where it is and how to get it.  Followed by a yummy potluck dinner, of course.

Our dear friends from Colorado will be in town for their annual Spring Break visit next week!  Waaahooo!!!  Can’t wait to see their smiling faces. 

Prayers for Natasha Richardson’s family – she was one of my favorite actresses.  Really a sad thing. 

I read a thought provoking comment on today.  It was in response to a new marketing campaign to bring more tourists into Taos, NM.  One commenter said that one of the major problems in America  is marketing in general.  We are what we are told to be.  As an example, he referred to his wait at a doctor’s office.  They were holding a free clinic for low income citizens and he noticed that all the kids there for the free services were talking on cell phones and listening to iPods.  “Homo Consumerus”.  Well said. 

Keep it simple.

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