Bye Bye Geese – Hello Spring


Took this image off the internet.  This is how my tree looks full of white fluffy stuff.

Took this image off the internet. This is how my tree looks full of white fluffy stuff.

Well, its official.  Spring has arrived in Oklahoma.  It will be 88 today – yes, warm for March – BUT the wind will be sweeping down the plains in all its fury.  25-40 mph predicted for today. 

Sign of spring #2 – our Bradford pear tree is in bloom.  A beautiful sight.  I attempted to take a picture of a blossom cluster before breakfast this morning to share with you BUT the wind was sweeping down the plain and the stupid branch would not sit still.  I tried to hold it with my hand, but then got a nice shot of my hand in the image and I was too hungry and running too late to keep trying. So I snatched off the Internet.  I REALLY have to figure out this new alarm clock.  Some mornings I can push the snooze 3 or 4 times.  Mornings like today it only goes off twice and then I fall back asleep waiting for number 3 and before I know it, its 6:30!   That is just wrong!  A person should be able to depend on being able to get another 27 minutes of sleep in those precious 9 minute intervals without fail!  By the way, who’s idea was it to make the between snooze interval NINE minutes?!?  How about an even 10!  Okay, I’m rambling now.

Sign of spring #3.  While letting the dog out to potty – for the THIRD time since we went to bed last night – a huge flock of Canadian geese sang me a farewell song as they headed straight north.  For some reason, the honking song of flying geese is one of my favorite sounds in nature (along with singing crickets and chirping birds – but buzzing cicadas drive me nuts!)  Anyway, I don’t know why, but the goose-in-flight thing has always brought me comfort.  I know this will sound silly to some and make perfect sense to others, but once when I was really praying hard about something in the car on the way to work, this huge flock of geese flew overhead honking their heads off.  It was like God was saying, “I’m here.  I hear you.  I’m in control.  You can trust me.”  So now every time I see and hear a flock of geese, I smile and remember that God is in control and no matter what comes our way, He will provide for our needs.  This morning’s viewing was a “Good morning!” from above and a reminder that nature has its cycles, that everything is right on schedule and that no matter how bad the financial news or no matter how upsetting it is to read that Monsanto controls our food supply, God is in control and if I trust Him, he will lead us up the path we’re supposed to be on. 

Keep the faith and keep life simple.


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