It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood….

Ah, the promise of Spring.  The sun is out in all its glory; there is light breeze (okay, it’s windy, but, hey, this is Oklahoma); the birds are singing; and I’m eating a great salad from my favorite neighborhood cafe. 

I’ve parked in my favorite summer lunch spot – a church with a parking lot full of shady pear trees.  Its just warm enough to roll down one window (not both, not that warm!) and listen to the little birdies.  There is a beautiful red cardinal hopping around and a big black grackle and a squirrel scurrying up the budding trees.  Wish I had a camera with me.  Since I don’t, just imagine the scene, have another bite of grilled chicken, candied pecans, and pineapple and just smile.

Keep it simple.


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