Catching Up

Just a note to say hello.  I haven’t posted anything in a while due to….I don’t know, nothing particularly  interesting happening, the aggravation of an old back injury, an absolutely miserable visit to the dentist that has left me feeling bruised and battered and the fact that, I guess, for now, things are sort of in limbo.  I need to get busy building boxes for the two raised garden beds I am planning for the spring, but right now, the thought of lifting lumber and getting it done sounds downright painful.  Let’s just say, I won’t be doing THAT yoga video for a while.  I overstretched and wowser!  am I paying the price.  I’m  really disappointed, too.  I was determined to get my “yoga body” back from the good  old days, but I think I waited too long. 

So, instead of doing anything to get more physically fit, I’ve been reading books on beekeeping.  I  found a local beekeeping association that offers a series of “bee-ginning” classes January through April every year.  I missed the window this year, but its probably not good timing anyway.  I  need to get the garden established and then  maybe set up a couple of hives for the next season.  I tend to get in a hurry and want to do it all,  NOW.    The books are interesting reading, though.  

I sat down with the list of veges I want to grow this year and put together a planting calendar from the online Old Farmers Almanac.  Only $4.95 and they gear the planting info to my locality.  Anyway, no need to start planting until the end of March or so.  I have ordered a list of seeds from Freedom Seeds through Path to Freedom.  I’ve mentioned them in an earlier post, but if you haven’t been to their website, it is really worth a visit. 

Speaking of websites/blogs, today I discovered Women Not Dabbling in Normal.  I’ve only read a couple of posts, but it looks great.  I added them to my blogroll, so click on it and see what you think.  They cover a wide range of topics and even take questions from readers.

The bread class got rescheduled due to tornados.  Man!  Tuesday was really hairy around here weather-wise.  We were sent down to the basement here at work twice.  All the museum visitors, staff and everybody was down there.   Lots of damage, but we were spared yet again.  Thank you, Lord!   So, still looking forward to the bread class.  Then in March comes 2 quilt class  Saturdays and the Oklahoma Sustainability Network annual conference.  I’ll be planting about the same time.  Should be interesting.  Ooh!  Almost forgot – another cooking class at Kam’s Kookery in March, too!  Woohoo!   The dog-treat-free life is wonderful! 

This Saturday I’m going to visit a local CSA.  Need to buy eggs from the new local source I found and go buy some lettuce at the Farmers Market.  Its kind of a long drive down in the city but it is the best lettuce I have ever eaten.  Such a HUGE difference from the stuff you buy in the grocery store.   I’ll have to grow my own next year. 

Okay, guess that’s it for now.  Take a look at Path to Freedom and Women Not Dabbling in Normal and let me know what you think. 

Keep it simple.


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