I Made Dirt!


This morning I decided it was time to go out and do a little turning of the compost pile.  I have been neglecting it as of late other than throwing eggshells and scraps on it and walking away.  I think the design was flawed.  I made a fenced area of chicken wire and stakes and it has been difficult to get a good angle on with the pitchfork.  So, this morning, I pulled up the chicken wire – don’t have the strength to pull up the stakes, that’s husband duty – and went to work turning it.  All those lovely leaves we mulched and dumped on the top and the stalks of okra plants – should have cut those up.  Oh, well, live and learn.  But then – could it really be??  YES!!!  There on the bottom of the long neglected pile was none other than DIRT!!!!  Beautiful, loose, dark brown compost!   Hey, man!  This process really works!! 

Isn’t God just awesome?  He created nature to regenerate itself over and over and over.  Just let some food scraps and leaves and mushroom medium cook for a while and you get brand new, healthy, luscious dirt!  This is so cool!  I can’t wait to get my beds built, order that manure and straw and get to work pulling out the good dirt on the bottom of the pile!  Come the end of February, I’m going to cover the whole thing with thick black plastic, weigh it down and let it cook intensely for about 6 weeks before planting.  Then I’ll build my boxes, put down a layer of newspaper, water it good and then start adding all the ingredients for an organic vegetable garden.  In the meantime, I need to get my open-pollinated seeds bought.  I found a local nursery that’s been around since the 50’s that sells them.   I would much rather support a local business, wouldn’t you?

What to do till planting time?  Go online to the Farmers Almanac and put together my planting calendar.  Attend a bread baking class in February; visit the new CSA I found and try to control my jealousy :-); a meat cooking class in March, along with a quilting class and the Oklahoma Sustainability Network conference.  Woohoo!  Having my summer evenings free from baking dog treats is going to be such a blessing this year!   Thank you, Lord!

Keep it simple.

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