Snow Day No. 2-1/2


The state of Oklahoma has shut down for yet another business day and I am home.  I love being at home during the work week.  It is an unexpected and relaxing gift.  But I really have to roll my eyes just a little here.  We were all sent home at lunch on Monday because the streets were “horrible”.  Well, there were some slick spots, but nothing was by any means horrible.  Really just wet roads.  Yesterday was really a nasty day and it sleeted and snowed just a little on top of the very small amount of ice we already had on the roads – so, everyone stayed home.  Schools closed so as not to get the busses out, etc.  (Well, now that makes sense.  The experience I’ve had with our local school bus drivers is frightening even in the best of driving conditions.)

So, today, we are home yet again.  The sun is out, the roads are driveable with a crunchy layer of  sleet, but there really is no reason we could not have reported to work today.  Oklahomans freak out at the slightest amount of winter road conditions.  Its took over the local airwaves yesterday and programing was derailed to cover “A State of Emergency”.  It really is a joke sometimes.  I know it sounds harsh, but transplant all of us up to the northeast and we would be paralyzed all winter, unable to venture outdoors for months!  We really have to laugh at ourselves on this one.  

So, I’ve been taking full advantage of the extra time.  The bathroom re-do is done!  Just need to regrout a few tiles, recaulk around the tub, hang some pictures, reuse some curtains from another room and voila!  new bathroom!  It looks great.  It took a LOT longer than I thought it would, but its finally done.  Next project: start on the garden beds or start working on taxes – I really am dreading this one.  The bookshelves are overflowing with junk that needs to be gleaned out and donated to the library. 

Today, I’m going to finish the wall hanging for the new bathroom and then go to Hobby Lobby and look at prints for the walls – I’m really not very good at the home decor thing.  I’m also going to keep an eye on the way the sun travels across the backyard.  I have to make a decision on where to put the first beds.

I met a woman Sunday at a gardening meeting who has a successful CSA.  Can’t wait to visit her place.  I still wish we could afford to buy some land, but we made the decision to stay here for a while.  The money we have put into the house will definitely help if we ever decide to move, so it was money well invested.  But $10,000 would have gone a long way as a down payment on some land, too.  Oh, well.  Since my paycheck will be decreased by about $100 a month due to increased health insurance premiums and our house payment went up $70, we can’t afford a land payment anyway.  Once we get our son to and from his semester in Japan, then we can seriously think about our housing future, so to speak. 

I really, really, really, want to have a place full of life, health and nature.  To me, that means being outdoors and growing things, sharing the bounty with others and not being tied to a computer 8 hours a day.  But, that’s not my life right now and if having a good organic garden in the backyard is the first step to that dream or the only step, then I want to enjoy it fully. 

So, wow! after 9:00 and still not showered and dressed.  Will get a load of laundry started and get moving on the day.  The sun is out and the landscape is a brilliant bright white.   Its cold, but I’ve got to get out there.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!  Allison, hope you made it to Maine okay!   I’ve been watching the weather along your route and praying for your safety.  Just call and let us know you made it.

Keep it simple.


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