Comments on Contentment

There is a blog that I read every day,  This 60-something guy and his wife live in Taos, New Mexico where they moved nine years ago from Maryland.  The winters are especially hard for him.  The dirt driveway up to their old adobe rental gets snowcovered and impassible.  Then spring or “mud season” arrives and the driveway is again, super hard to use.   He has really been struggling lately and his posts have reflected his frustration.

Today’s post, however, was more upbeat.  He spoke about the beauty found in the quietness of a snow covered Sunday afternoon at the woodpile, with only a lone bird offering up sound.  He realized that as hard as the winters are, as depressed as he gets sometimes, that this particular Sunday afternoon he was happy.  He was “in the moment” and everything was okay.

This started me thinking.  How many times can I truly say that I am in the moment?  Truthfully, most of the time, I am mentally planning ahead, or wishing we lived somewhere else, usually some place with  mountain scenery.  I think about the garden I need to be starting on soon; I think about the housework I didn’t get done over the weekend.  I guess I have gotten in the habit of mentally “going elsewhere” during the work day because my job requires very little brain power and mental escape is sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day. 

But, looking at the bigger picture, I really am happy with my life.  My husband and I both have jobs, we can pay our bills, our son is doing well in college, we live in a moderate climate where we don’t have to dig out of snow just to get around, we have awesome friends. 

I know the national economy sucks right now; I know people have lost jobs;  I know the day may come when everything collapses and another Great Depression sets in.  But in the midst of the fear about the future, I also know the Great Provider who has never let us down.  The times my husband has lost his job, another door always opens and we have never missed paying a bill.   

Be happy with what you have.  Enjoy the sun and prepare for the rain.   Put some money aside and put back some food and water.   Live simply and lessen your stress.  Find peace and contentment where you can.  Take a drive to the countryside, get out of the city.  Just get out and take a walk.   Be in the moment.  Keep it simple.

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