My Book List

It’s Friday and I have absolutely no motivation to work so thought I would share my book list.  I believe if you want to do a good job at something you need a good resource library – or maybe I just like to buy books :-)!  Anyway, here is what I’ve been buying lately:

Crisis Preparedness Handbook (Jack Spigarelli) – a good resource for food and water storage and other stuff

Gardening When it Counts (Stteve Solomon) – promotes tilling, not raised beds

Small Batch Preserving (Ellie Topp & Margaret Howard) – lots of simple recipes for preserving what you grow

Root Cellaring (Mike Bubel) – looks good, haven’t read it yet

Lasagna Gardening (Patricia Lanza) – promotes raised bed, not tilling – somebody help me make a decision!!!!

How to Grow More Vegetables…(John Jeavon) – promotes double-digging 24″ deep beds – NO THANK YOU!! but has lots of other good information

Seed to Seed (Suzanne Ashworth) how to save seeds from what you grow –  looks good, haven’t read it yet since I haven’t grown anything yet!

Gaia’s Garden (Toby Hemenway) on permaculture

Square Foot Gardening (Mel Bartholomew) DVD – haven’t watched  it yet, but the concept looks good

another heirloom seed source – Bountiful Gardens – great 2009 catalog

Have a great day – keep it simple


One thought on “My Book List

  1. Love your book list. I’ve used lasagna gardening techniques for years and love them. John Jeavon’s book is wonderful, but i also don’t double dig. Lastly, i got to take a permaculture workshop from Toby Hemenway and highly recommend his book also.

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