A New Year

Today is the first day of 2009.  Happy New Years to one and all!  So, since we all have resolutions, here are some of mine.  The inevitable: lose some weight and take better care of my health.  Okay, that’s out of the way.  So, what do I REALLY want to do for 2009 – something less depressing :-).  Finish the home projects we have started, get the new garden planted, stop seeing depressing movies (Doubt and Seven Pounds within a 3 day span – big mistake – if I”m going to pay $9 to see a movie I want to come out smiling or at least crying tears of joy, not depressed over how screwed up people are).  Back to the resolutions – pray more for the people God puts in my path, be a better steward of the things intrusted to my care, talk less about other people in negative ways (a daily struggle – do not judge lest ye be judged – boy, do I have a lot of that coming!), quilt more – its so therapeutic; be more grateful for the life I have without envying those that have more; be more generous; be more hospitable. 

Its another beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, but its cold.  I can feel the cold air coming off the glass of the patio door.  Boy, we really need to do something about that fence.  Probably going to have to buy a new dishwasher this weekend.  Money takes wing. 

Lots to do over the long weekend.  My husband has volunteered to do the overhead texturing on the bathroom ceiling.  Yea!!!  Then prime, paint and then another full coat on the ceiling and walls.  Put up the trim.  Chair rail or no chair rail?  How to deal with the line on the drywall left by the wainscoting that no amount of spackle and texture seems to erase; choose paint color for cabinets.  I’m not good at that part at all.  I have no problem mixing and matching fabric colors and patterns for quilts.  Why am I so lousy at choosing paint colors?  But I LOVE the choices we made for the countertops and floors.  Oh, well, gotta keep plugging……

Have a great day off – keep it simple


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