Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

The opening line from the first song in the movie Oklahoma!  “Oh, what a beautiful morning…”   It is a beautiful morning in my small spot of Oklahoma today.  The sun is out and its going to be a warm day again.  Not bad for December. 

So, this of course leads to thoughts of spring and the new garden.  I briefly purused my 2009 Bountiful Gardens catalog yesterday and decided to grow some grains – hulless oats, specifically.  Supposed to be a rich source of protein and carbs and easy to harvest and store.  We’ll see… so, what else?  Purple hull peas, okra, Roma tomatoes, STRAWBERRIES!!!, gerkins for dill pickles and I’ll cave and grow yellow squash for my husband.  Personally, I can’t get the nasty stuff past my lips unless its raw with LOTS of Ranch dressing – the cooked version makes me gag.   

Back to the oats.  The catalog says I needed to plant in the fall – well, too late now – but it does well if planted in February.   So, this speeds up the process some.  I need to make a decision on where to make the first plot and get some newspaper down and layer the bed and let it cook under black plastic for about six weeks.  Then is should be ready to plant.  So says the Lasagna Gardening book anyway.  I need to find it and refresh my memory.

I also need to work on my food/water storage list.  My problem is going to be storage space.  I have a blank wall in the garage now that the dog treat baking stove is gone (one of these days I’ll stop celebrating, I promise, but it still feels too good to be rid of the business right now), so maybe I can put in some shelving or a cabinet for the water and canned goods – hmmm, not a bad idea.  Of course, I’d really like to have a freezer, too.  But in the event that we have no electricity for an extended period of time, a freezer will only be a problem to deal with.  Shelving sounds more practical.  

With all this to do, there’s the distraction of the new quilt.  I don’t know what it is about fabric that draws me so.  Its the colors, the softness, the idea of making a work of art that will last for decades.   Its addictive – I guess there are worse addictions.  Sugar and fabric are mine.  

Have a great day everyone.  Remember –  keep it simple.  Life is too short to make it complicated.


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