Goodbye Christmas – Hello New Year

Christmas was kinda bah-humbug for me this year.  I’m really glad its behind us and I’m really looking forward to the new year ahead.  No more dog treats – ever, ever, EVER!!! 

Perhaps its the fact that we’re forecasted to have 65 degrees and sunshine today that has me ready to start gardening.  I ordered three new books today: Living Without Electricity (primarily for the chapter on laundry), Gardening When it Counts Growing Food in Hard Times (from the Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series – hmm…wonder what else is in that series?), and The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving.   I still need to watch the video on the square foot gardening method that I bought at the end of last summer.  I also got the 2009 catalog from Bountiful Gardens and can’t wait to delve into its pages.   

I am SO looking forward to doing something new and creative this year.  I’ve started a new quilt and signed up for a mystery quilt class in March.  I’m going to attend my first meeting of the local quilt guild and perhaps even volunteer to organize retreats – something I LOVE to do.  

I even made my first purchases toward our 1-year food/water stockpile.  I didn’t buy much, although it was tempting to load up the cart at WalMart.  I need to take the time to sit down and put together a comprehensive list of what we will actually need rather than just buying on impulse because I’m in the mood.  I’m reading Crisis Preparedness and it has a lot of good information in it, although a lot of it seems overly complicated.  Maybe I’m just overwhelmed a little at this point by the thought of putting together a list of everything we might need to live without food replenishment resources for an extended period of time.  I also want to learn to cook on an open fire.  Wish I could raise chickens, too, but local ordinances prohibit it.  So much to think about.

Why, you ask do I want to do all this?  I don’t know, just an urging in my spirit to be prepared, to know how to live in survival mode, and to be able to teach others how to, as well.  Oh, well, baby steps.  I’ve said all this before, so I won’t repeat myself. 

So, what do I wish for everyone for the new year?  A desire to live a simpler life, a conscious removal from the consumer driven, media directed lifestyles we all live, but  most of all, my wish – no, my prayer – for everyone is to know the life-changing, life-saving love of the Saviour. 

Keep it simple.

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