I Can Can

I had such a great time last night!  I joined a group of fellow members of the Oklahoma Food Co-op for a canning class at the home/classroom of Kamala Gamble, owner of Kam’s Kookery and Guilford Gardens, a suburban CSA.  First of all, the environment was both lively and peaceful.  Her kitchen/classroom is all Mexican tile and bright colors.  Her back yard is shaded and lovely with flower beds and comfy chairs.  But the greatest thrill of all was walking through the arbor and entering the one acre organic garden behind her house.  At some point, Ms. Gamble purchased the property behind her house in NW Oklahoma City and moved the structure.  Then she turned the one acre lot into a magnificent organic garden that is both inspiring and intimidating to behold. 

After walking through the garden, all of us ooh’ing and ahh’ing, we went inside for a wonderful dinner of Caesar salad (watched Kam make the dressing from scratch), pork tenderloin with her peach mango chutney, chicken with her marinara sauce, and fresh chard.  Yum!  While we ate, we traded cooking tips, looked at her favorite cookbooks and watched her demonstrate hot water bath canning.  She gave us tips on roasting tomatos, freezing fruit, pickles, and on and on.  It was a total blast! 

Here are a few more pics from the evening. 



Kamala is a huge supporter of buying local foods, organic if possible.  She shops through the Oklahoma Food coop for her meat and dairy needs, but grows a lot of her veges.    Such an inspirational evening!  Now that I’ll be free of the dog treat business soon, I can dream some real dreams of my own garden.  The next workshop I’m going to attend is on building hoop houses for winter gardening.  Only $10 to learn how to extend the growing season for the whole year.  There is so much I don’t know, but its going to be fun learning. 

Recommended by Kamala:  Cooks Illustrated (online membership), The Joy of Cooking, any Rick Bayless cookbooks (he has a show on PBS). 

Need to check for more okra.  Keep it simple,


One thought on “I Can Can

  1. Hi Sherry, I also visited Kamela’s house when the Garden Writers Association came to Oklahoma last year. She has the most wonderful kitchen garden. I also live near Guthrie, and gardening is my true passion. I hope you got lots of canning skills at her house.~~Dee

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