Lasagna Gardening

I actually had a little reading time this weekend so got all the way through the first chapter of Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza.  I’ll never dig another garden.  Her method makes so much sense.  Start with a layer of wet newspaper and build up layers of peat moss, mulch, compost, whatever you have on hand and then let it “cook” or just go ahead and plant.   I can’t wait to try it!  Everyone is trying it. Check out the blog entry at

My compost pile is going just so-so.  I have plenty of kitchen scraps I add on a daily basis, but not so much of the yard waste that is also needed.  We were adding our grass clippings until I discovered that bermuda grass is not a good idea.  We added two mowings-worth before our snafu was discovered, so we may have some grass to contend with in the beds in the spring, but at least I found out before we put the whole summer’s worth in there!  I may start collecting fallen tree waste from my messy neighbors who don’t clean their yards.  This fall I’ll have an abundance of leaves to add so that should bump up the pile quite a bit.  We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so the pile is staying wet right now and is hard to turn. 

My husband and I have also decided to do a little updating to the house and put it on the market at some point, in the hopes of still finding that perfect piece of property – affordable, a decent house and an acre or two.  I know exactly the piece of property I want, too.  Its in the city limits – not way out on some forsaken dirt road, has a lovely older home on it and 2 pristine acres that would be perfect for a biointensive garden.  Its currently being used as a business location and so has a small parking lot.  The front has great trees – the perfect site for a herb festivals, craft shows, gardening festivals,  and the back is wide open and gets plenty of sun.  The neighbors have horses – a great source of manure for the garden.  God can do anything, right?  I know there is the right property for us out there somewhere – we’ll just take things one step at a time. 

Speaking of baby steps,  I’m going to a food preservation workshop tonight.  This is so much fun! 10 pods of okra and counting!

Keep it simple,


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