The House on 2.5 Acres

Never got to see it.  We drove out there and after much turning around and turning around and looking for street signs that didn’t exist, we finally decided that THIS road must be the one leading to the A-frame house being sold in “as-is” condition on 2.5 acres.  The dirt road was in very bad condition, in need of grading years ago.  There were two “dwellings” if you can call them that, as we turned in.  The first one looked like a meth lab with kids play equipment in the yard and a delapidated basketball court obviously being used for a dump.  The lopsided mobile home in the next lot had an even more delapidated car parked in front, but we couldn’t even get that far because the road was so rutted out.  So, we gave up.  It was truthfully kind of scary.  When we got back to the house, we Googled the address on the satellite map and sure enough, guess what was standing on around the road at the dead end – just like the listing said?  An a-frame house on 2.5 acres.  Of course, there was no way to tell what condition it was in, but there is no way I’ll ever get to see it.    I can just imagine what it must look like judging by the company it keeps.   Oh, well.  We’ll keep looking. 

In the meantime, I bought a book on lasagna gardening: smothering your lawn and creating 24″ raised beds rather than digging, tilling, etc.  Looks interesting. 

Keep it simple,


One thought on “The House on 2.5 Acres

  1. Ah, the gold at the end of a red dirt road in Oklahoma is often just more dust. I live out in the country, and I swear sometimes that it’s like living in Deliverance. However, I love my 7.5 acres and wouldn’t trade it for the city unless I can buy Kamela’s place. LOL.~~Dee

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