Green Home Cleaners

I got an email newsletter today from Low Impact Living that has a lot of useful recipes for green home cleaners.  Thought I would pass along the link if anyone is interested.


I have seen the recipe for the laundry detergent before and read that borax and washing soda are caustic and therefore not environmentally friendly.  Would appreciate anyone’s comments along these lines if you know anything.  I might give it a try and substitute Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap available at Target for the Fels Naphtha which is a petroleum based product.  Also, the recipe for wood polish/cleaner looks interesting.  Check the one down in Comments from Zelda Rose.  I need to look for jojoba oil in my locality. 


I also clicked on the link to Green TV.  Its got some good information on toxin free homes.  Check it out at


That’s it for now.  Would love to hear from anyone with experience in making your own home cleaners.

Keep it simple,


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