Back to the Real World

Los Pablanos Lavender Field, Albuquerque, NM
Los Pablanos Lavender Field, Albuquerque, NM
We  just got back from a great week in New Mexico and Colorado.  We flew to Albuquerque and did the tourist thing in Old Town where I bought a great silver bracelet, then drove to Santa Fe and toured the shops around the Plaza  and then the next day drove to Ouray, Colorado where our friends have a bed and breakfast,  Back to Albuquerque on Friday and then on Saturday morning before flying home, we stopped by the 5th Annual Lavender Festival at Los Pablonos Inn.  It was wonderful!  Besides lots of lavender goodies to choose from in vendor booths, there was this absolutely breathtaking huge field of lavender where you could take a pair of scissors (for $7) and go pick a bunch of lavender.  Of course, not being able to pack it for the trip home, I had to pass, but the experience has given me the bug to try and grow some for myself.  Its supposed to be testy to grow here, but lots of people seem to have figured it out from my research on the Internet, so a neighbor and I are going to give it a go and see what happens.  She’s tried to grow it several times with no luck, but we’re inspired to try again! 
I also found this fabulous jewelry shop in Santa Fe.  Lewallen and Lewallen – – is a father and daughter venture that make great silver barrel beads and all manner of pendants, bracelets, etc.  Just wonderful.  I bought one bead in the store and then got back to the B&B with their catalog and called and ordered more.  Hopefully they’ll be in the mail in the next day or two.  One nice thing about the dog treat business – I can spend the money any way I want and not have to be accountable to anyone else. 
Anyway, its been hard to get back in the groove of blogging on a regular basis.  My evenings are totally controlled by the dog treat business this time of year and I’m not getting much reading done to report on or learning anything new to share from the green end of life.  I still need to post a book review on Simple Prosperity by David Wann and I’ve started Saving God’s Green Earth by Tri Robinson.  Its been a real help in understanding the Christian’s Biblical responsibility to care for the creation and its inhabitants.  I’ve got a couple more to read along the same line and still have those 3 pesky books I borrowed from the library a MONTH ago and still have not read.  Fortunately, they have let me renew them 3 times now but I think that’s the limit.  May have to give them back unread and try again later. 
Our son spent the weekend at home and it was great to be with him.  He’s back in Norman today working and I will not see him again until the weekend again probably.  Must stay busy so as to not dwell on it.  
Until later, keep it simple,

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