Fighting It!

I am determined now, to not let this depression get the best of me!  This has been one of the worst weeks of my life so it can only get better from here.  The separation anxiety of having my son move out has been debilitating to the point that all I could do yesterday was sit at my desk and stare out the window – literally.  Then I cried most of the night at home after my husband and his sister went to a movie.  At some point, my brain kicked in and said “enough!”  Don’t know how long it will take, but so far today has been a much better day. 

The power was out in our building when I got to work so for the first hour or so (after consuming cheese cake and coffee ice cream for a co-worker’s farewell party) I read the first chapter of a book I ordered on biointensive gardening.  I also made a list of all the things we need to fix/update on our house.  When depressed, spend money! has always been my motto…LOL. 

So now the rain outside has stopped, the sun can’t make a decision about whether to shine or not, and the power is back on.  Darn, the reading was just getting interesting.  Oh, well, it is lunch time, after all.  I’ll go run a couple of errands.

One of these days I’ll get back to the reason I started this blog: learning to live simply, learning to grow my own food, learning to be more eco-friendly.  One day, when the pain has eased and my mind can focus again.  I’m pointed in the right direction, now just need to walk.

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