It Is Alive!

Just catching up from the weekend.  Had a great day at Farmers Market on Saturday and Father’s Day was a lot of fun at the zoo.  That my husband would choose to go there and my 19 year old son would be excited to go was unexpected but fun – hot and humid, but fun. 

Doesn’t the okra seedling look great?  I watched Young Frankenstein over the weekend and when I went out to water the little plants, “It Is Alive!” came to mind.   Couldn’t resist.

In one of my posts a week or so ago, “Dreamin…”, I mentioned that some friends have an acre of land I would like to buy and build on. Disappointment came in the form of the city government that requires at least 1.5 acres to build, put in septic and dig a water well.  BUT, my friends have a much better idea.  They have been wanting to turn that plot into a community garden!  Wow!  I didn’t even know they were thinking along those lines.  What a great idea.  As much as I would love to build and live in a green house that I get to design myself and have things just the way I want, a huge biointensive garden that the local community can take part in sounds even better.  Think of the school kids we could educate about sustainable gardening; the local homeschool co-op could make it part of their curriculm; think of the local missions, etc. that we could supply with fresh, organic produce; think of the elderly and shut-ins that Meals On Wheels feeds that we could help.  Think of the restaurants that might want organic produce.  Let’s make it solar or wind powered so as to not have to use gas-powered equipment.  My husband is an electrician – he could learn how to hook it all up.  Last night on Planet Green I saw a solar panel on a pole that rotates and tilts to take advantage of the changing position of the sun.  Who needs a rooftop?  I know it sounds expensive, but the Lord can provide.  Just need to have a little faith.  Maybe I need to sell the dog treat business which would provide up front capital and free me up time-wise.  Any takers? LOL.  I’m so glad I got that retreat refund.  $500 should buy a nice tiller and have money left over.  We’re having dinner next weekend with our friends.  Can’t wait to take a closer look at the land and see just how serious they are. 

I ran across another great website that I wish I had more time to dig into.  It will be a great resource later on, I think.  Take a look, someone, and let me know what you think. 

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