Sustainability resources

I have spent the evening catching up on the listserv digests from my local sustainability network.  Its such a huge resource and there is so much going on locally that I’ve never been aware of.  Check it out for yourself at the Oklahoma Sustainabilty Network.  You can access the archives without having to join or anything, but I would suggest that you go ahead and sign up for the digests.  There is a wealth of information available.

One recent thread in particular is titled Sustainability Bibliography.  The local sustainability guru, Robert Waldrop, lives in a house that he has converted to a sustainable, low-energy dwelling, has turned his front and back lawns into sustainable gardens and is the founder of the Okahoma Food Cooperative, the model for all community online farmer’s markets.  There are several other states that have started co-ops from our model.   But I am getting off track….back to the subject at hand.  Go the OSN website and check out the Resources information.  Then check the discussion thread and read Bob’s list of his personal library.

While I was catching up with other posts, I ran across three other articles that really offered some valuable information and well as some encouraging news of what other towns and individuals are doing to live more sustainability.  Here are the links.

the ripple effect of high oil prices:

Transition Towns

Eating local

Hope you find something useful for a more sustainable way of life.

Keep it simple,





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