Baby Steps

I have a tendency to mentally live in the future – always planning, planning, planning.  Not to say that I’m not in the moment, either, but especially at work, while performing the mindless, never-ending data entry, my mind tends to wander to things I want to change, things I want to accomplish, the life I want to lead, etc.

Lately, my thoughts have centered on what I have come to call my “freedom garden” – freedom from high food prices, freedom from chemical laden food, freedom from Wal-Mart! I envision fruit trees, strawberry beds, green, healthy vegetables and bright red tomatoes.  All of this is not possible the way my backyard is now.  I have two HUGE trees with huge roots that are crawling on the surface; they send showers of small sticks down and it is impossible for any grass to grow under them, even though we have spent lots of money on shade grass seed and fertilizer.  It is totally shaded EXCEPT for one small strip along the fenceline that gets sunlight.  So, it dawned on me today: try to think of what I can do now, instead of being disappointed that I can’t have my dream garden.  So, to the seed store I went and bought a handfill of okra seeds.  I know its a little late to be planting seeds, but okra loves hot weather and we have no shortage of that this time of year.  I couldn’t find our garden hoe – think it broke at some point – so borrowed one from the neighbor.  Away with the bermuda in a strip about 6′ long and in with the seeds!  If it actually grows, I’ll keep you posted.

It will be a late harvest, but better than none.  I can almost taste it now, rolled in a little cornmeal and fried to an almost-burnt crispness.  Ummm……

Baby steps to sustainability!  Woohoo!

Keep it simple,



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