Green Christianity

I signed up with my local cable provider for the package that includes all the Discovery Channels.  I was specifically wanting their new Planet Green channel.  Well, I’ve only watched a few minutes of a couple of shows, so can’t report much thus far.  I’m looking forward to watching Living With Ed that starts next week. 

I had some time after baking dog treats last night to finally sit down and watch and wouldn’t it be just my luck, all that was on was one of those Hollywood celebrity forum things.  But there was one thing that caught my attention and started me thinking.  One of the guests, talked about “green overload.”  How people may just get so bombarded with all the hype, all the information overload, that it becomes old hat and soon turns into another fad gone by the wayside.  Well, maybe in California where “green” has been around for a long time, but here in good old mid-America, its still pretty new.  We still have a lot to learn (speaking strictly for myself, of course). 

Then I started thinking about the whole green thing longterm, what does it all mean, really, from my Christian world view?  It all ties in with what I believe is my purpose here on earth: to be the hands and feet of God to my fellow human beings.  Not that I do such a great job of it, believe me.  But wouldn’t the whole journey to the green side thing be the perfect vehicle to be better at it?  I want to learn to live in ways that are more earth friendly, but being more earth friendly means being more human-welfaire friendly, too. What is good for the planet is good for us.  No big leap there.  Using products that contain fewer chemicals is not only good for the planet, but good for us…using less plastic, same thing.  Spewing fewer carbons into the air, growing our own food organically – HUGE.  Its a win-win. 

God put us here to love each other, to help each other, to be his hands and feet.  If I can learn to live greener, guide my family that way, shouldn’t I share this new way of life with my friends and co-workers so they can be healthier, happier people?  Doing what is right for the planet is tied to the core with doing what is right for the human race.  Helping people see the need to move away from chemical laden food, plastic and the self-induced overconsumption toward a more simple, fulfilling way of life is so much more than just being green for the sake of the planet alone.  For me, its all about listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” 

But, I have a lot to study and learn before I can help anyone else.  I took a first step today.  On is an impact calculator.  My carbon impact was 68, not bad.  They also had some home improvement suggestions.  So, baby steps with a purpose!

Keep it simple,



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