I’ve been doing a lot of reading today.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I really do want to lead a different kind of life than my go to work, come home and make dog treats existence.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making the dog treats and selling them on the weekends, but its pretty tiring, stressful work for not much personal pleasure other than a little extra money to spend (most of it goes back into the business) and the good feeling of producing a quality product, but even that wears thin.

This is what seems most appealing to me right this minute: buying an acre of land from some friends who are thinking about selling it, building a totally off-grid house and instead of the typical lawn and concrete, put in fruit trees, grape vines and a vegetable garden; even raise a few chickens.  It would mean my summers are spent in the garden working, harvesting, preserving instead of standing at my kitchen counter mixing and cutting dog treats…hmmm, not much to think about there.  I could still produce treats for the monthly food co-op like I do now.  It sounds like a much more peaceful way of life to me.  I could start the whole garden thing in the neighborhood we’re in now, but it just isn’t as feasible with two huge trees that would have to come down in the backyard to even have enough sunlight to grow anything.  Anyway, I have these romantic visions of us working together in the garden, sharing the produce and sitting around the firepit at night.  Should we jump off and really, seriously talk to them about buying the land?  Its a fearful thought – so out of the comfort (misery?) zone.  I would still have to work, but would be doing something productive and meaningful. 

“Start where you are…do something different”, forgot who said it, but I like it.



One thought on “Dreamin’….

  1. Hi Sherry 🙂

    Reading that, I thought that you should do it 🙂 I think it would bring something new to your life and make you a bit more fulfilled 🙂 If you can afford going into it, then do it 🙂

    It is not a fearful thought, just something new in your life. We are often scared to make changes and on the other hand we’re willing to accept any change that life force us to make. 🙂 So why not decide for yourself? 🙂

    Good luck :))

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